Summer Spotlight 2012: Shabbat at Camp


Shabbat at camp is nothing less than magical. The pace slows every Friday night as campers turn their attention to this special day of holiness, prayer and community every.

So, don your white, grab a tallit and follow the Shabbat Walk down to the sanctuary!



Ideas for Celebrating with Kids & Teens

12 ways to make Shabbat services at your congregation more like camp! As a way to connect to your young people and share the magic of camp with the entire community, here are a few ways to make camp part of your Shabbat worship experience.

12 ideas for Shabbat with your teens. Find out ways to make Shabbat more meaningful.

Rebekah Yellen celebrates Shabbat at home as the “camp songleader” after a summer at Jacobs Camp

Rebekah Yellen celebrates Shabbat at home as the “camp songleader” after a summer at Jacobs Camp

Shabbat blessings for you to listen, learn, reference and recite.

NFTY’s bencher is full of songs, prayers and blessings for Shabbat.

The Jewish Parent Page offers activities, recipes and more.

Family Shabbat Table Talk includes ideas for talking about Shabbat and Torah with your children.

These kids’ stories and activity books about Shabbat are educational and fun!

Try cooking chocolate chip challah and other recipes from the Chocolate Chip Challah Cookbook with your family.

Check out more Shabbat resources from the URJ

The Magic of a Camp Shabbat

Camp Kalsman Shabbat

Camp Kalsman Shabbat

Campers at Kutz ask faculty member Rabbi Melissa Zalkin Stollman: “How did you pray when you were younger?”

The magic of camp isn’t just for kids! Union for Reform Judaism Chairman of the Board Steve Sacks recounts his Shabbat experience at Eisner in The Reform Movement at its Best.

Get a backstage pass with a 6 Points song leader who makes Shabbat special.

Camp Coleman wrote their very own Shabbat song, and included readings from campers in their welcome home Shabbat!

Crane Lake‘s t’filah goes visual! Some of our camps have tried visual Shabbat services, too.

Rabbi Devorah Marcus reflects on Shabbat at Crane Lake, which offers campers “the overwhelming happiness that sweeps them up and inflates them into a world where Shabbat means something infinitely more connected than their average Shabbat at home.”

Eisner Camp
‘s first Shabbatot- of both first session and second session– were magical, energetic and full of ruach (spirit)! Some Eisner campers also shared what it’s like to lead Shabbat services themselves.


This summer, Camp George welcomed a lot of Shabbat guests, from Jewish musician Alan Goodis to camp families for Family Vistor’s Day! Campers also enjoyed some solitary reflection time during their Shabbat Walks, and Director Jeff Rose took time out to write a weekly column about camp.



A rabbi makes the case for camp after attending one very special Shabbat at GUCI. For campers, Shabbat is a time to slow down, learn and celebrate!

At Greene Family Camp in Bruceville, Texas, Shabbat marks important milestones: the inspiring first Shabbat of the summer, the Shabbat lead by the 15-year-old Kibbutz campers, and, of course, the bittersweet last Shabbat.

URJ Camp Harlam Director Aaron Selkow writes a weekly reflection every Shabbat during the summer.


Fridays at Henry S. Jacobs Camp in Utica, Mississippi are a day to relax, celebrate, and sometimes listen to your camp director rap a song by Rebecca Black.


Camp Kalsman staff learn about the values behind their work at camp from a D’var Torah on parsha korach given at a staff Shabbat.

Kutz Camp Director Melissa Frey takes time every Shabbat to write a run-down of the previous week. A Shabbat highlight at Kutz? The NFTY Shabbat experience and, of course, the Saturday morning muffin buffet.



Shabbat at Camp Newman in California is one of the only times of the week that everyone comes together as a community, which makes it extra-special.



Aside from Jerry Kaye, Susan Alexander and Solly Kane’s weekly camp roundup, the OSRUI Shabbat experience is best summed up as “authentic and effortless.”


For students on NFTY-EIE High School in Israel, every Shabbat is a little different. After preparing packages of food for the hungry, students were able to enjoy the sights and sounds of a Tel Aviv boardwalk and welcome the Sabbath bride by the sea.

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