Summer Spotlight 2014 Israel: Mishlachat

What does it mean to be a representative of your country? Noam, an Israeli counselor at Crane Lake Camp, reflects on how her heritage has affected her counselor experience.

“The sense of being an Israeli “shaliach” delegator was felt no matter what I did. My campers asked me questions such as what is my favorite Israeli candy? Or how do you say chicken in Hebrew? I joyfully answered the campers questions engaging them to ask more.”

-Noam Noy, Israeli Counselor; Crane Lake Camp

Mishlachat at Camp Harlam Showing Israeli Pride

Mishlachat at Camp Harlam Showing Israeli Pride

Israel, a country only 66 years old, is a prime leader in the world of scientific and technological development. To Asaf, an Israeli counselor at 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, instilling in campers a passion for his country is just as important as getting them enthusiastic about the sci-tech field. Camp is a place for him combine his love of both in a fun and exciting way!


Thank you, Natan Sharansky, the chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, for leading a webinar with URJ Mishlachat about the conflict in Gaza. Natan discussed with the Israelis how the operation would impact them while they’re in the Diaspora. It’s great for our staff to have that support!

At Crane Lake Camp, sixteen members of the Mishlachat went above and beyond to give campers a taste of Israel. They played modern Israeli music, adorned the Chadar Ochel in blue and white, and prepared a menu of schnitzel, hummus, and Israeli salad. Following the cultural immersion were various activities and discussions that allowed campers to examine their relationships with Israel.

In our tradition, Abraham was instructed by God  to leave his country to travel to the land of Canaan. Just like Abraham, the Mishlachat at Greene Family Camp have traveled to a land far away in order to fulfill an important commandment. Asaf, a Co Rosh-Mishlachat, describes his role at camp and explains why his mission is as holy as the mission of Abraham.

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