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Read past issues:

Summer 2019

How Do Summer Memories Last Forever?

We Put the Jewish in Jewish Summer Camp!

Love at First Flight: Impressions of Israel and Much More

Why Camp is Perfectly Imperfect

Wishing you were at camp this summer? This is the next best thing.


Summer 2018

I Arrived at Camp 25 Years Late

How One Camp Is Standing with the Ugandan Jewish Community

Curiosity that Sparks Coexistence

Exploring the Complexity of Israel

Why We Need the Safe Space of Camp in Our #MeToo World

Where Dreams Become Reality

The Parts Kit for Building Sacred Community

Becoming Who I Aspire to Be

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Highlights From the Start of Summer

Summer 2017:

An Audacious Opportunity: How We Can Welcome Every Child at Camp

People and Places of Refuge, Inspired by Camp

Is It Camp That Makes the People, or Do the People Make Camp?

Who We Want Our Children to Be

What’s Jewish About Tug-of-War?

The Magic of Camp that Photos Can’t Capture

The True Acceptance I Found in My Jewish Youth Community

Inside Out: Preparing for All of the Emotions at Camp

How to Bring Camp into Your Life as an Adult

A Lack of Reception Makes for A Better Connection

Summer 2016:

Every Person at Camp Can Find Their True Self

The Jewish Olympians Among Us

Embracing Our 8 and 9-year-old Selves

What My First-time Campers Are Teaching Me

Jewish Values: Gotta Catch ’em All!

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One Uber Ride Later, Two Camps to Call Home

Out Of My Element: An Hour at STEM Class

All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Camp

Don’t Yuck My Yum: Lessons from Camp

Camp Gives Kids a Competitive Advantage in Life

Preventing Gun Violence, Building Community

At Camp I Found The Tools I Needed To Become A Playwright

NFTY’s President Named to List of 18 Under 18 Changing the Face of American Politics

Why I Stand For Gun Violence Prevention

Our Favorite Moments of 2015

How A Starbucks Line Shaped My Entire URJ Biennial Weekend

NFTY President at the World Zionist Congress in Israel

What Can Parents Learn From Camp

Summer 2015:

2015 Clippy Awards Winners

Praying With Our Feet: The Journey For Justice

A Jewish Journey from Uganda to Camp

After Converting to Judaism, I Finally Found My Home at Camp

A “Link” Between Science, Technology, and Judaism

What 13 Year-Old Boys Taught Me About Inclusion

It’s The Actions We Take That Make Us Jewish

8-Year-Old Camper’s Tzedakah Project Raises Over $10,000

Summer 2015 – The Season’s Looking Bright!

Jewish Students Will Not Stand Idly By

An American Teenager Helps Make History at the Western Wall

J Street U, I’m Hearing Two Things

The Campaign for Youth Empowerment

My Advice For Future Israel Travelers

How Summers at camp Prepared Me for College

Lending My Voice to Women of the Wall

The Potential of Jewish Leadership

Who Says Jewish Journeys End at Age 13?

The Power of Camp Friendships