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March 5, 2015 | 14 Adar 5775

camptoisrael The Campaign for Youth Empowerment cat-camp

At NFTY Convention 2015, NFTY President Debbie Rabinovich charged the room with her new mantra: the Campaign for Youth Empowerment. Empowerment goes a step above engagement- it means that more teens are participating at higher levels; it means that we make this organization into a movement.  Read more »

dangottpop Extending NFTY’s Tabernacle: A D’Var Torah cat-camp

In T’rumah, Moses receives detailed instructions from God about how to build the Tabernacle. Elaborating on this portion, Logan linked NFTY’s sense of community to building a tabernacle. In its own way, NFTY builds a tabernacle every time they come together by sharing whatever they can to build up a welcoming community.Read more »

SAR Networking With Progressive Jews From Around the World cat-israel
URJ Camp Coleman

This fall, Aaron was given the opportunity to participate in a fellowship called the Roswell Klal Yisrael Fellowship for Global Leadership. The goal of the fellowship is to build a global network of young Reform Jews who are active in their local communities. After a remarkable experience in Israel with her co-fellows, Aaron is looking forward to more learning in Budapest this March. Read more »

harlam Embracing Differences in our Camp Community cat-nfty2
URJ Camp Harlam

At URJ Camp Harlam, their goal is to build a Kehillah Kedoshah, a community that values everyone. Dedicated to achieving that goal, Camp Harlam has a team of people that aim to truly understand the challenges that all campers have, and they welcome those differences.  Read more »

Israel The Best Part of My Trip to Israel cat-camp
URJ Camp Kalsman

When Miriam signed up for a URJ Taglit-Birthright Israel trip, she thought of it as a trip to make a connection to Israel. As the trip progressed, she realized how essential it was to come to such a special place with her fellow staff members from URJ Camp Kalsman.  Read more »

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