Lending My Voice to Women of the Wall

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December 9, 2014 | 17 Kislev 5775

WoW Lending My Voice to Women of the Wall cat-israel2
NFTY-EIE High School in Israel

As a fall semester student in NFTY-EIE High School in Israel, Zachary participated in a Rosh Chodesh service at the Kotel to pray with Women of the Wall. To his surprise, he witnessed the first bat mitzvah ever at the Western Wall. Here he muses on his remarkable experience witnessing the tension and subsequent growth in the struggle for women’s rights. Read more »

dangottpop How a L’Taken Seminar Opened My Eyes to Jewish Social Justice and our Political System cat-nfty2
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Jacob reflects on the immense impact the RAC’s L’taken Social Justice Seminar has had on his Jewish and American journey. Now a senior in college, majoring in Political Science, Jacob is largely who he is today because of his unforgettable experience at L’taken.  Read more »

camptoisrael Dancing My Way Into NFTY cat-nfty2

Despite the fact that Sarah was a third-generation NFTYite and URJ camper, when it came time for her first regional event, she was incredibly nervous—that is, until the dance session was announced. Dance was something she was comfortable with, and she continued to pursue Israeli folk dancing at NFTY-NEL regional events. Many years later, Sarah reflects on how incredibly important her NFTY experience with dance has been in her Jewish journey. Read more »

holyland Camp vs. Internship: How Do You Choose? cat-nfty2
URJ Camp Kalsman

As most college students know, there is a lot of pressure to get an internship during your college years. But what about camp? And how do you determine which is better to pursue in the long run? That’s what Assistant director, Sarah Moody, at URJ Camp Kalsman weighs in on in this relevant piece for all campers and counselors. Read more »

Olim Standing up for Rights in the Olim Fellowship cat-nfty2
URJ Camp Coleman

Emily, second year Olim Staff Fellow, was initially hesitant about the topic of her Olim Kallah: Social Justice. But after a week of non-stop influential speakers, an eye-opening trip to the Civil and Human Rights Museum, and a plethora of deep conversations with fellow counselors, her viewpoint on the importance of social justice has completely changed.” Read more »

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