Who Says Jewish Journeys End at Age 13?

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October 13, 2014 | 19 Tishrei, 5775

My Jewish Journey Who Says Jewish Journeys End at Age 13? cat-nfty2
URJ Camp Kalsman

Raised in a secular interfaith family, Addie never felt a connection to her Jewish history until a birthright trip changed everything. Now she’s a camp counselor at URJ Camp Kalsman, exploring her Jewish roots, and dedicating her life to imparting Jewish history and wisdom to her campers. Read more »
NFTY Convention Reflecting on NFTY Convention cat-nfty2
NFTY: The Reform Jewish Youth Movement

In the spirit of NFTY’s 75th anniversary, Jonathan and Beth reflect on Convention’s transformative power for young Jewish people. In alignment with the Campaign for Youth Engagement’s mission, NFTY Convention owes its success and longevity to its strong focus in organizing fun and diverse programming for Jewish youth.  Read more »

Mitzvah Corps The Power, Growth, and Continued Success of Mitzvah Corps cat-camps2
NFTY Mitzvah Corps

Since its inception in the 1960s, Mitzvah Corps has sustained as one of the most successful youth programs of the URJ. Rabbi Jonah Pesner muses on the upward mobility of Mitzvah Corps, including a more than doubled retention rate for 2014, as well as exciting new partnerships in Central America. Read more »

My Journey to the IDF URJ Camp George Prepared Me for the IDF cat-nfty2
URJ Camp George

Leor’s experience as a camper at URJ Camp George profoundly affected his decision to enroll in the IDF. Leor, born and raised in Canada, explains the many similarities between the mission of Camp George and the IDF, and tells how he found himself embarking on his journey towards making Aliyah. Read more

Israel in Three Sentences Israel in Three Sentences cat-nfty2
NFTY Missouri Valley

“When Michelle of NFTY Missouri Valley was asked to educate NFTY Missouri Valley’s Leadership Training Institute on the recent events in Israel, she encouraged discussion by having participants send a text message to five friends asking: “Could you quickly tell me what is going on in Israel and Gaza in 3 sentences or less?” The discussion lead to a greater understanding of the conflict, as well as deeper conversations on Israel between NFTYites and their community. Read more »

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